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Social Media

Your social media presence should match your audience. We'll do the research to find out what platform your audience frequents and how to target them.


SEO is probably the most recognized and mis-understood terms in the business. It's not an instant success, but it is the cornerstone of any successful online presence.


Ignore what you've learned about PPC, the Google "Experts" aren't all they're cracked up to be. We utilize different methods for maximizing your PPC success.

Digital Consulting ​​

Your business is unique, so your strategy should be too. Let us work together with you to develop a new strategy that can guarantee success.

Web Design​

Your advertising could all be in vein if you don't have a stellar landing page to send your customers to. Let our experts develop a conversion geared set of landing pages.

Content Marketing​

Noticed the trend? This one slips under the noses of far too many businesses. Content marketing is the newest trend in digital advertising. We'll help you get onboard.

Graphic Design​​

Our team of graphic designers can handle just about any task we throw at them. Let our experts handle your next job, so you can focus on other tasks.


Researching products, trends and niches might just be our favorite task. Let us handle the research for you.


Developing business goals is one thing, creating a solid strategy to achieve those goals is the most valuable asset of all.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Not that we love to hear about struggling sales numbers, but we sure do love it when we get to increase those! Ad Impression thrives in sales-oriented environments.

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The ROI Experts

Hemorrhaging ad spend with little results is frustrating. We’ll take a look at your campaigns and diagnostic data to determine why your ROI is suffering.

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Best Practices

There’s white hat, black hat and everything in-between. Ad Impression focuses on the tried and proven industry Best Practices for SEO and marketing. Don’t fall victim to a black-hat organization and have your site blacklisted for trying to take a short-cut.

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Retargeting campaigns of course! Reach your customers in their living room consistently. Remind them why they want your product/service.

A frequent question, with a not so straight-forward answer. It depends… Are your potential customers on “Every” social network? 

Absolutely! There’s really only one thing that has never changed with Google, and that is Content! They love great quality and unique content, just like your visitors. Your SEO will increase exponentially with the addition of great valuable content.

It depends on what you consider fast. We don’t take shortcuts, those will often-times get you black-listed. We use a system of scalability that prevents major road-blocks during your growth phase.

Newspapers and periodicals are definitely a fading trend. For us, yes, print really is dead. It’s now cheaper and much more effective to target your audience directly instead of blanket advertising through print media.

Know your goals! Ideas on paper are great, but scattered thoughts rarely get you anywhere. The shortest path is often the straightest. Put your ideas in-line and set milestone goals for where you’d like to be.

We are 100% full service. Have an idea that you want executed professionally? We can start with a website and finish with a top-notch advertising campaign.

We are only as successful as our clients let us be. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, any launch with a great ROI or one that achieves the goal is a success.

We strive to make our clients happy

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