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We Are Ad Impression

Founded in 2011, Ad Impression started as a small web development firm located in the midwestern United States. 

We have grown into a powerhouse of business ideas and marketing development utilizing experts from across the United States to assist our clients in any digital venture they could imagine.

Digital Lovers

Founder, Michael Herzog, built his first website using simple html in 1997 while in grade school. While his friends were busy outside on their bicycles, Michael was envisioning a future of technology. A love for the digital world was born.

Fast forward to the development of digital marketing, and Michael knew that businesses would be made or broken depending on their adoption of this new method of advertising. He took the first opportunity to learn more about this new method of advertising and attended the “Google University” when it first launched to a select group of Google aficionados. 

Consumed in the new advertising course led by Google, Michael was one of the first 500 in the world to finish and become “Google Certified”. A new path was formed…

We stop at nothing

There will always be challenges in overcoming the latest algorithm updates or privacy laws. That means, we will always be a step ahead to find the workarounds and make sure your business is less affected than others in your competing vertical.

We Love To Explore​

With new products and trends coming about every single day, our team is always researching. New ideas are just a few clicks away, just begging to be found. Once we find them, we do everything we can to promote them.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Methodical works are a must in this business. Creating a strategic, step-by-step plan of action is crucial to move forward with any business. We apply these same methods with all of our clients.

We Keep It Simple

Look, we understand that technical jargon isn’t everyone’s strong suit. That’s why we handle the hard stuff and give you the basic run-down of what to expect. Let us handle the difficult tasks, you focus on doing what you do best.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

So many sleepless nights… so much beauty sleep that’s been missed. Maybe that’s why our mid 30’s founder has so much gray hair? In all reality, the digital world is full of challenges and road blocks. Without continual hard work and dedication, Ad Impression would still be in its infancy. 

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